What can Rethink bnb offer me?

Rethink bnb offers investors a great opportunity to rethink their rental options. Here is a chance to have your property cared for by professional tenants that treat it as their own. We rent a property, ensure it is beautifully presented and always looking it’s best and in turn list it on Airbnb for bookings. We pride ourselves on offering a 5 star experience to our guests, which ensures they have a memorable stay and that they care for your investment. We also offer Co- hosting which is where the owner continues to pay all costs and we manage the guests and management on their behalf.

Why would I rent to you rather than a regular tenant?

Rethink bnb offers investors a great opportunity to rethink their rental options. As an investor choosing a tenant, you want to know your property will be cared for, and that you will be paid on time. With Rethink bnb you’ve got a professional tenant that has the same goals. We are on the same page. Our success hinges on guests having a 5 star experience, and that means your home will be beautifully maintained and cared for, kept impeccably clean, and in full working order at all times.

  • All our listings are professionally cleaned after each booking, meaning it will be cleaned more regularly than average tenants.
  • We have a no parties rule, which is impossible with regular tenants.
  • We need the property in it’s best condition and in full working order so therefore we ensure all maintenance is done in a timely manner (at the owner’s cost).
  • No more paying management fees & advertising. (for private listings)
  • Rent is paid on time, every time.

Have a rethink, as it really is a peace of mind formula for you!

How does it work when I have an agency managing my property?

You get double the care! Your agent continues to offer the service you have employed them to do. They Schedule their 3/6 monthly inspections, they collect rent on your behalf and any other services you have signed up for. We are just like regular tenants in the sense you get a guaranteed rent, however we are the best tenants you’ll ever have because we pay on time every time, set your place up to look amazing and then procure the best guests to stay in your home while they are away from theirs. Your home is impeccably clean and maintained at all times.

What type of properties can you manage?

We can manage any type of guest accommodation providing it fits our model. Apartments and houses, granny flats, and even house boats and caravans. Generally located in tourist areas around Australia, popular wedding locations, popular corporate hubs and anything close to the CBD.

Can you look after a property in my area?

We can look after any property as long as it fits our model. We have systems in place to help you Rethink your rental options today!

What happens if a guest damages the property?

All our listings have strict rules, so no parties or bucks/hens weekends are allowed. Our strict sifting and qualifying formula for the “right” kind of tenants reduces the risk of anything like this happening. However, The Airbnb Host Guarantee also protects hosts up to $1,000,000 should accidents happen. In addition we hold our own insurance policy.

How do I get started?

Please reach out via our ‘contact us’ page or use any of our contact details. We’ll contact you immediately to find out more about your property and your personal wants and needs. We will answer any of your questions and make sure your property is a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. From there it can really be your ideal scenario. Our business is built on trust, relationships and results.

If you have any further question please email us at skye@rethinkbnb.com